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    Sites and properties

    In Arlington, a historic district can be a single building, such as a house, church, school, or shop; a group of buildings, such as an apartment complex, a neighborhood, or a commercial center; a single natural feature, such as a rock formation or tree, or grouped natural features, such as a garden or park. Cemeteries and battlefields can also qualify. Thanks to the efforts of county historic preservation staff, there is a large and growing list of properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

    These historic resources constitute an important part of Arlington's heritage and, as such, deserve our special care and protection.

    Selection of historic districts is based on association with important persons or events of the past, the quality of the architectural style or craftsmanships, and other specific criteria established under Virginia state law and the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance.

    Under Section 31A of the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance, the Arlington County Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) has the authority and responsibility to: (1) evaluate historic properties and recommend to the Arlington County Board that they be designated as historic districts and landmarks; and (2) review plans for exterior alteration, demolition and new construction in historic districts.

    Some of the following sites have markers; where you see text below, that is the text of the marker as provided by the Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board.

    Not all sites have markers — some have been damaged and are being replaced; some need wording changes as research uncovers new data; and some, like that at Jackson City, aren't in place because of future construction in the area.


    Commercial properties and endeavors

    Community-use structures


    Military-use structures

    Neighborhoods, boundary stones, and roadways

    Notable events


    Places of worship


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