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    The Arlington Historical Society is looking for artifacts to expand their collection and current displays for their museum at the Hume School. If you have any of the items listed below and would care to donate them the museum will gladly acknowledge donors in their exhibits (and you may get a tax deduction as well!) This list does not include everything we need, just some of the items our curator especially desires! Some items may be listed in multiple categories. At the bottom of the list you’ll find a list of things we do not currently need. If you have something interesting that’s not listed, please contact us!

    LOANS: if you have any of the items on our list but you don’t want to donate it, if you are willing to let the Historical Society borrow it, please contact us.

    Have an artifact to donate? All artifact donations must be pre-screened by our Acquisitions Committee. Please email a description and photo, if possible, to or leave a message at (703) 892-4204.

    Among the items we’d like to acquire are…

    Civil Rights Era

    Our collection is currently sadly lacking artifacts from the Civil Rights struggles of the mid 20th century (or earlier). We'd love to acquire artifacts from the Civil Rights movement in Arlington. (1950-1970) This could include flyers, buttons, programs, newsletters, or signs that indicated "whites only" or “colored” such as those used on drinking fountains, etc. Also please consider contacting The Arlington Black Heritage Museum.

    We would also like to acquire yearbooks from any Arlington school from the 1950s showing first integrated class(es).


    Ballots from Arlington elections before 1960.

    Political pamphlets from before 1950. These need to be Arlington-related. Those from national or state elections are fine if they were issued by political parties in Arlington.

    Buttons, advertisements, pamphlets, programs, etc. from Virginia Prohibition campaigns (pre 1920) including material from the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and Anti-Saloon League (ASL)


    Photos from late 1920s Washington-Lee baseball team. Yearbooks from before 1930 would be welcome as well.

    Yearbooks from 1950s showing first integrated class(es).

    School books from pre-1960 only if they are in reasonably good shape and can be identified as having been used in Arlington County.


    Bottles, labels, etc from Arlington/Consumers brewery. We'd also love to hear family stories from those who worked at this brewery.

    Bottles and labels from Cherry Smash.

    Medicine bottles from Arlington County drug stores.

    Patent medicine bottles found in Arlington.

    Menus or matchbooks from Arlington restaurants (pre-1970.)

    Pawn ticket from the Key Bridge Loan Company, Rosslyn.

    Flyers, postcards, price lists, etc, from Arlington businesses before 1960. The colorful letterheads and envelopes used by many businesses before 1920 would be especially welcome!


    A copy of the Washington Shopping News from 1930s or 1940s.

    Programs from Arlington Churches (pre-1960 only please)

    Church history pamphlets or books from Arlington churches.

    Paper Items

    Ballots from Arlington elections held before 1960.

    Menus from area restaurants, pre-1970.

    Artifacts from the 1946 Centennial Fair.

    Pawn ticket from the Key Bridge Loan Company, Rosslyn.

    Programs from Arlington Churches (pre-1960)

    Arlington/Alexandria newspapers from pre-1920.

    Advertisements, pamphlets, programs, etc. from the Virginia Prohibition campaigns (pre 1920) including material from the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and Anti-Saloon League (ASL)

    Sanborn (insurance) maps showing Rosslyn or Hume School. (quality color copies are welcome)

    Postcards of local businesses (pre-1960)


    Bus tokens or tickets from Arlington buses (pre-1970)

    Photographs (preferably original, not Xerox copies)

    We have donated most of our photo collection to the Arlington County Library Virginia Room, but we could still use a few photos for planned exhibits.

    Photo of Rhonda Gilliam (employee of local school district). Even a yearbook photo would do!

    Photos of Columbia Pike pre 1940. These can be photos of the street, of business or churches or homes along Columbia Pike.

    Stereoviews of places or things in Arlington.

    A photo of Swiller Brothers Music Store.


    Sanborn (insurance) maps showing Rosslyn or Hume School.

    Odds and Ends

    Any fossils dug in Arlington County.


    Antique toys in reasonable condition are welcome if the original owner was a child in Arlington.


    There are some items that we do not need. These include…
    Newspapers from:

    • The Kennedy Assassination(s)
    • Moon Landing(s)
    • Start or end of World War II
    • Nixon's Resignation
    • Any other major historical event that occurred after 1940 unless it occurred in Arlington.

    (If you have any pre-1950 Arlington newspapers please contact us and we’ll consider them on a case-by-case basis.)

    Confederate money

    Civil War bullets unless you found them in Arlington. Other Civil War relics are welcome.

    Campaign buttons, signs, bumper stickers or any other such artifacts from any post-1940 Presidential election.

    Unidentified horse or mule shoes, even if you dug them in Arlington.

    Rusty tools from the 20th century.

    American flags from Arlington Cemetery.

    Milk bottles from dairies outside of Arlington.

    Postcards of Arlington National Cemetery.

    Virginia license plates. (Arlington County plates are welcome in good condition)

    Arlington Historical Society
    P.O. Box 100402, Arlington, Virginia 22210-3402

    Send us e-mail at or give us a ring at 703/892-4204.

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