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    Books, pamphlets, and magazines

    Arlington (Images of America Series)

    Arlington Historical Society

    Arcadia Publishing, 2000. 128 p.

    Captioned photographs from the AHS archives, Arlington County Library, and individuals make up this history of Arlington County in the twentieth century and follow the county’s growth from a rural community to a complex urban center.

    Price: $18.99; AHS member price: $17.09


    Arlington Breads

    Compiled by Anna Belle Lane and Lee Baron.

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc. 1978

    A collection of bread recipes used by prominent residents of Arlington County. See also Arlington Preserves and Arlington Sweets.

    Price: $1


    Arlington: Chapters from Arlington History, Vol. 1: The Civil War: Military Operations and Civilian Life in Arlington

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc. 1994

    Reprints of 34 articles from The Arlington Historical Magazine, 1957 - 1993.

    Price: $16; AHS member price: $14.40


    Arlington: Chapters from Arlington History, Vol. 2: The Civil War: Experiences as Local History in Arlington

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc. 1994

    Reprints of 20 additional articles from The Arlington Historical Magazine, 1957 - 1993.

    Price: $13; AHS member price: $11.70


    Arlington: Chapters from Arlington History, Vol. 3: Ballston

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc. 1994

    Reprints of 36 articles relating to the history of Ballston or Ball’s Crossroad area of Arlington County from The Arlington Historical Magazine, 1957 - 1993.

    Price: $18; AHS member price: $16.20


    Arlington County Virginia, A Modern History

    Sherman W. Pratt

    Printed by Book Crafters, Chelsea, Michigan, 1997. 500 p.

    With attachment: “The Comprehensive Errata List for Arlington County Virginia, A Modern History” by Sherman Pratt prepared by the Arlington Historical Society Publications Sales Committee in conjunction with the author, December 1998.

    A history of Arlington that describes the growth and expansion of the County, with the coming of Metro, into an urban center that promoted economic development in Rosslyn and along various main street corridors.

    Price: $24.95; AHS member price: $22.45


    Arlington Historical Magazine (annual since 1957)

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc., Arlington, Virginia

    Volumes 1 - 11 completed

    Issued annually, the magazine is invaluable for research, genealogy and pleasurable reading. Comes with membership in Arlington Historical Society.

    Price for individual issues: $8


    Arlington Preserves

    Compiled by Anne Cipriani Webb & Virginia Lillis Smith

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc., 1977

    Old-time recipes for preserving various foods by drying, pickling, sugaring, canning, etc. Companion to Arlington Breads and Arlington Sweets.

    Price: $1


    Arlington Sweets: Past & Present

    Compiled by Anne Cipriani Webb & Virginia Lillis Smith

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc., n. d.

    Recipes from residents of Arlington and the nostalgic Little Tea House on Arlington Ridge Road. Companion pamphlet to Arlington Breads and Arlington Preserves.

    Price: $1


    City of Canvas: Camp Russel A. Alger and the Spanish American War

    Noel Garraux Harrison

    Falls Church Historical Commission and the Fairfax History Commission, 1988. 98 p.

    Documents the history of Camp Alger, the Spanish American War and the experiences of Falls Church/Dunn Loring during the spring and summer of 1898. Soldiers reminiscences enrich the text.

    Price: $10.95, AHS member price: $9.85


    Contest for a Capital: George Washington, Robert Morris and Congress, 1783-91

    T. L. Loftin

    Tee L. Loftin Publishers, Inc. Washington, DC. 1989 335 p.

    Dramatizes the events of America’s founding years. Uniquely illustrated with original sketches.

    Price: $10; AHS member price: $9


    Custis Chronicles

    Dr. James B. Lynch, Jr.

    Picton Press, Camden Maine, 1994. 274 p

    The first full-length treatment of the illustrious Custis family and its position as one of Virginia’s First Families. Highly readable, the family origins are traced from the Cotswolds in England to the shores of Virginia. A book for historians and genealogists.

    Price: $32.50; AHS member price: $29.95


    Fairlington at 50: May 1943-May 1993 (60th Anniversary Edition)

    Catherine D. Fellows

    Fairlington Historical Society, 2003. 116 p.

    This is the republication of Fairlington's history, first published in 1993, and is updated through 2003. It traces the construction of the community, initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, through the placement of Fairlington on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

    Price: $20.00; AHS member price: $18.00


    Four Mile Run Land Grants

    Charles W. Stetson

    Willow Bend Books, Westminster, MD, 1935

    Third Printing, 2001. 142 p.

    Familiar names from the history of Arlington leap out of the pages of this recently reprinted history of the land grants along Four Mile Run. The Carlins, General Burdett, the Balls, the Custis family, and George Washington all figure prominently in this short history of the area.

    Price: $10; AHS member price: $9


    Glebe Houses of Colonial Virginia

    Willard J. Webb and Anne C. Webb

    Heritage Books, Wesminster, MD, 2003. 202 p.

    "In colonial Virginia with its established church, every parish was required by law to provide its minister with a glebe, a farm or plantation, and a glebe house as part of his recompense."  Numerous glebe houses existed in Virginia but only a few survive today.  Chapter seven details the history of Arlington's own "Glebe House," the current headquarters of the National Genealogical Society.

    Price: $26.00; AHS Member price: $23.40.


    Graveyards of Arlington County, Virginia

    Compiled by the Arlington Genealogy Club

    National Genealogical Society, Arlington, VA, 1985. 110 p.

    A survey and census of the graveyards in Arlington County, Virginia. An attempt to account for all graves in the County, with the exception of Arlington National Cemetery and Columbia Gardens Cemetery, each of which has its own records. A map and excellent index makes this a useful source for local history and genealogy.

    Price: $18: AHS member price: $16.20


    House That John Built: an Account of the Ball-Sellers House

    Martha Beggs Orth

    Published By the author, Arlington, VA, 1993. 56 p.

    An account of the 18th century Ball-Sellers House, located in the Glencarlyn neighborhood of Arlington, VA and owned by the Arlington Historical Society, Inc. The Ball section of the house, a one-room and loft log house with a lean-to, was built shortly after 1742 by John Ball who received one of the early land grants in the area. This house, a rare example of a dwelling lived in by an average colonial Virginian, is the oldest still standing in Arlington County. A Victorian house attached to the Ball cabin was built about 1881.

    Price: $8; AHS member price: $7.20


    In Honored Glory, Arlington National Cemetery: The Final Post

    Philip Bigler

    Vandamere Press, Clearwater, Florida, 1999 3rd edition. 160 p.

    A very readable account of this famous cemetery with a complete guide to the Cemetery as it is today and an overview of the highlights and happenings of the past. An appendix includes a time-line of events at the site and a useful listing of headstone symbols. Photographs and drawings are included.

    Price: $7.95; AHS member price: $7.15


    In the Footsteps of Robert E. Lee

    Clint Johnson

    John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston Salem, NC, 2001. 186 p.

    A book for history buffs and tourists who like to follow history, this is a guide to sites in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and far distant places where Lee lived, fought, or worked.

    Price: $12.95; AHS member price: $11.65


    Iwo Jima Memorial & the Myth of the 13th Hand: A Visitor’s Guide

    Thomas W. Miller, Jr.

    Published By the author, Arlington, VA, 1999 17 p.

    A pamphlet full of a wealth of information about the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial: the Flag Raising Over Iwo Jima. A familiar and inspiring site to Arlingtonians and tourists who flock to visit the memorial, the guide provides the background for the history that prompted the memorial and dispels some myths about the statue.

    Price: $2.50; AHS member price: $2.25


    Lady of Arlington: the Life of Mrs. Robert E. Lee

    John Perry

    Multonomah Publishers, 2001. 380 p.

    Maintaining that Mary has gotten a “bad rap” as a “whining, neurotic invalid,” the author is determined to correct that view. Through letters, journals and other sources, Mrs. Perry paints a very warm and sympathetic portrait of Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee and her life with Robert E. Lee. A handy genealogy of the Lee family is included.

    Price: $19.99; AHS member price: $17.99


    The Lee Girls

    Mary Price Coulling.

    John P. Blair Publisher, Winston Salem, NC, 1987. Fifth printing, 1999. 242 p.

    This provides a glimpse into an aristocratic Southern family during the 1800’s; the family of Robert E. Lee and his wife Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee. See also the biography Lady of Arlington.

    Price: $12.95; AHS member price: $11.65


    Mount Vernon: Images of America

    Patrick L. O'Neill

    Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC, 2003. 128 p.

    Patrick O'Neill takes us on a visual tour of the home and neighborhood of George Washington who, by 1786, had acquired an 8,000-plus-acre tract of land encircling Mount Vernon. Our understanding of the rich history of the area is enhanced by the over 200 images of Mount Vernon and the surrounding vicinity.

    Price: $19.99; AHS Member Price: $17.99


    North Ridge Lore Revisited

    North Ridge History Committee

    North Ridge Citizen’s Association, Alexandria, VA, 2000.

    A close neighbor to Arlington since “The North Ridge area of Alexandria is bounded on the north by Glebe Road, on the west by Quaker Lane and Parkfairfax.” A history of the neighborhood of North Ridge and historic houses in the area.

    Price: $10; AHS member price: $9


    Pentagon: the First Fifty Years

    Alfred Goldberg

    Historical Office, Office of Secretary of Defense, (GPO) Washington, DC. 1992. 197 p.

    This book addresses the building--its construction and what has changed during the first half century. Many photographs and sketches illustrate the text. Many members of the Arlington Historical Society are acknowledged, for their assistance.

    Price: $32.50; AHS member price: $29.95


    Peter Charles L'Enfant: Vision, Honor and Male Friendship in the Early American Republic

    Kenneth R. Bowling

    The George Washington University, Washington, DC 2002 79 p.

    Born in Paris in 1754, Pierre Charles L'Enfant joined the American revolutionaries in 1777 and thereby hangs the curious tale of the French immigrant whose life and work left such and indelible imprint on Washington, DC.

    Price: $20.00; AHS Member Price: $18.00


    Rails to the Blue Ridge: The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, 1847-1968

    Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.

    Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, Fairfax Station, VA, ã 2000. Third edition. 144 p.

    Lavishly illustrated with many photographs, this book describes the “nonconformist” and sometimes haphazard operations of a railroad known as the W&OD Railroad. This compliments Ames Williams’ book: Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, 1847-1968 that concentrates more on the railroad’s early history and the Civil War years.

    Price: $19.95; AHS member price: $17.95


    Red Book: A Century of Service, the Fire and Rescue Service in Arlington County, Virginia.

    Vinny Del Giudice

    Self Published. 2002. 2nd edition. 46 p.

    Highlights in the distinguished history of Arlington County's fire and rescue service. The author writes knowledgeably from his background as a volunteer fireman and member of the Arlington County Fire Department Historical Society.

    Price: $6.50; AHS member price: $5.85


    Robert E. Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book

    Anne C. Zimmer

    University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, ã 1997. 296 p.

    A treasury of recipes, remedies and household history presented by the granddaughter of Robert E. Lee. Part cookbook and part history.

    Price: $24.95; AHS member price: $22.45


    A Seaport Saga: Portrait of Old Alexandria, Virginia

    William Francis Smith and T. Michael Miller

    Donning Company Publishers, Virginia Beach, Virginia, ã 1989. Third Printing, 2001. 192 p.

    Starting with the colorful endpapers reproduced from an 1853 lithograph of Alexandria, this book is a delight for history buffs and those who just enjoy looking at old photographs.

    Price: $37.95; AHS member price: $34.15


    This Was Virginia, as Shown by the Glass Negatives of J. Harry Shannon, The Rambler

    Connie & Mayo Stuntz

    Hallmark Publishing Co., Inc., Gloucester Point, VA, ã 1998

    Black and white photographs taken all over the state of Virginia and published in “The Rambler” column of The Washington Evening Star.

    Price: $35; AHS member price: $31.50


    Virginia Cook Book

    Compiled by Janice Therese Mancuso

    Cooking Across America Series, Golden West Publishers, Phoenix, AZ, 2001.

    Tasty recipes contributed by residents of The Old Dominion, interspersed with tidbits of history about Virginia.

    Price: $6.95; AHS member price: $6.25


    Washington & Old Dominion Railroad: 1847-1968

    Ames Williams

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc., 4th printing 1989 (originally published, 1970). 173 p.

    A history of an important Northern Virginia railroad that served the area for over 120 years. In some ways the W&OD might be considered an antecedent of Metro’s Orange Line that traverses modern-day Arlington County. Very well illustrated with period photographs, line maps, schedules and detail of railroad operations. Railroad buffs will also want to see Rails to the Blue Ridge.

    Price: $16.75; AHS member price: $15.07


    Why Do We Call It . . .?

    Edited by Norman Novak.

    Revised edition

    Arlington Historical Society, Inc., Arlington, Virginia. 1997

    A pamphlet that reveals the source of many Arlington place names and is great for solving debates.

    Price: $3; AHS member price: $2.70


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